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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well I didn't do it. The date came and I was not prepared. It being the month of Christmas I actually had to make jewelry for real people. Plus ever since I took Joyce Scott's intensive workshop my skill have improved but my execution seems to have gone downhill. Then I got a puppy, who devoured all the energy and attention I had. Well I don't have that puppy anymore. I gave him up, to my brother who lives in a more rural area where the dog will have more room. But how I loved the puppy and that puppy loved me back. So now the cat is strutting around the house, chest out. He thinks he got rid of the puppy, demolished the competition. I love my cat and while the puppy was here I had little time for the cat. So he thinks he did all this. And he's heen helping me with everything. In one photo you can see him helping with the jewelry photographs.
You would think since the house was quieter I would have gotten some lovely art bead jewelry to show you. But I made nothing. So Im showing a selection of my latest work, beaded styrofoam balls and a bracelet from my i=unchained sequence as well as a present bracelet for a bead swap partner in Louisiana. Its lovely but I was very dissatisfied with it, so I mean to make her a shiny Christmas bracelet too.

from my unchained series

here you can see the chains and the helping paw

two pictures of my spiral rope /Russian rope bracelet with toggle clasp

 styrofoam ball and peyote stitch

my wonderful cat and bead helper, he likes to type on the computer, too

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