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Saturday, April 11, 2015


this is the butterfly and flower necklace I am collaborating on  with a friend

butterfly wings
    Today is Pepitas butterfly hop.She is a beader who lives in Secovlje, Slovenia, but maintains contact with the big world of beaders through the internet and she is now a friend to all of us.
I made a couple of things. One is a necklace with two butterflies on it but you can’t see them very well.  And in my list of disasters I’ve misplaced my butterfly bracelet I was working on.  But, lucily, I have the second butterfly for the necklace just sitting there, unattached.  And even better, I have a big butterfly I made some time ago. Now I’ve found my bracelet but I can’t find my big butterfly. Tommorow, during the blog hop I will try to make sense of everything.
    Just remembered I took lots of pictures of the big butterfly. While I constantly see people making perfect beaded butterflies in my beading groups, I am not one of those people. My butterfly looks as if she's made of splotches of bright butterfly color Now he has a lot of little butterflies for company

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Apologies for my jasper intrigue

     This is a small blog hop sponsered by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures. It gave me a lot of trouble. I had all the colors right but the design just wouldn't come. I took it apart and redid it and it came back easier. But when I attempted to pull it together it fell apart. Somehow I can make bracelets, wonderful bracelets but my necklaces seldom work.
      Here are some of what I did manage to make. The bracelet has a touch of whimsey because the oval beads resembled olives. I made it soon after attending a class by Joyce Scott. The other big pieces of jasper I bezeled around. And that was as far as my experiment with the jasper went.
cocktail olives

funky bezels
Here is the list of blogs, but I couldn't link them, so you'll have to visit someone else on the list to continue on your way

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