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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Missoni Knit

missoni sweater fabric, courtesy of Freddie Baer
Just bought two yards of this gorgeous Missoni knit fabric, when a friend posted a picture of it on Facebook. I'm hoping to have it made into a skirt with something left over for , well anything really. This new appreciation for fabric has come to me courtesy of Bead Journal Project, where I feel like a moving train wreck of disaster as I do asocial thing by stupid mistake by misstatement and every
other clumsy foolish thing i do when trying to fit in with people. I feel like I should take the pledge will not speak in public or post on Facebook, I will not lurk. Save me from myself is become my motto.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

finally, its here:Bead Soup BlogParty

                                                    ITS been an interesting few months.

 This is something I did for the BEAD Journal Project. I used some of Rose's beads in it. Then I promptly lost the rest of the hank.
a part of a necklace

the bead soup I got

don't worry, I sent lots more beads to Rose


    Thank you Lori Anderson for hosting this blog hop and doing it through some seriously stressful times.

    There has been the challenge of the beads and the fustration with the pictures. Add in a trip to New York City for the Bead Show and the passing of our coldest of winters into a flower drenched  spring. I've learned a lot, with an epic web journey into lamp working and an exploration of polymer clay, both of which I knew nothing about before  this blog hop.
I was so excited about this blog hop. Excited to get my beads. Enjoyed reading and looking, especially enjoyed the great bead mystery photos. Most of all I've been beading. I've done some lovely geometric beadwork inspired by Kate McKinnon and Diane Fitzgerald. One of the pieces shown here tonight used Diane Fitzgeralds' oval links, a single layer with a stabilizing row of peyote to stiffen them. I used the clasp I got from Rose Thorn on this and  it definitely the best thing I made. I made three other pieces, one was a brick stitch chain with a triangular two sided bezel, which I designed myself, only to find Diane FitzGerald giving instructions for the identical bezel. This bezel holds the jasper Rose sent me. I did a spiral rope, also in purple, to use the purple beads from my soup. Last, I made a necklace, called Bronze Evening from a pattern on That necklace I made with the brown beads I got, bugles and the
ones I called disco balls.  I used a lovely clasp, a purple enamel bug, on this necklace , but, I cannot do it justice in my photographs.
bezeled jasper
So a little experimentation, a lot of work.The panther is our family totem and greets people as they

oval links with butterfly clasp
ones I called disco balls.  I used a lovely clasp, a purple enamel bug, on this necklace , but, I cannot do it justice in my photographs.
S,o a little experimentation, a lot of work.The panther is our family totem and greets people as they enter my home.
bronze beauty>not!
spiral rope

Thursday, May 8, 2014


So very yellow
Just a fast post. I've been driving myself crazy trying to take good photographs for my blog. No matter what I did they came out dull and yellow. I hate yellow and I hated every one of the pictures i took. I tried editing software and with a lot of work I could clean out the color but it wouldn't be true bright color like it should have been.Today I was once more egged in the self-flagellation that was my photography, when I noticed that other settings on my camara gave the bright intense life-like colors I wanted. Sure enough, without even knowing what I was doing, I had applied some filter to my photos, making them look washed out and dingy. Guess they didn't idiot-proof my I-phone


Its been a while. I've done a lot of things, some of which I'm even proud of, especially the bracelet I made for my sister-in-law, Leslie. Its still got flaws but I made a miniature design of the benches in Parc Guell in Barcelona. Leslie will take her bracelet to Barcelona and I'm looking forward to pictures of the bracelet in the park. Otherwise I'm hard at work trying to make something out of the beads I got in my BeadSoup.
parc guell the bracelet

parc guell


It's counting down to the BIG BEAD SOUP BLOG HOP this Saturday May 10. I'm so excited because People will look at my blog! I've made my jewelry and then I made more jewelry. I even got my lovely
geometric bracelets
neice Lenka to model them for me. I've been learning how to use my I-phone camera. And! I will remove the awful postsI put up earlier, where my camera sabotaged me badly, gone. Sent to oblivion.
My partner, the mysterious Rose Thorn has not given me any hints as to what she's made. So it will be as much a surprise to me as to you. I intend to check out everyone of those five hundred blogs. I fully expect to see some amazing creative designs. Here I come!

RoseThorn's blog:

Friday, May 2, 2014

visiting with art

Went to the ICA in downtown Boston, a gigantic new building with walls of glass overlooking the waterfront. The pretext was an exhibit by Nick Cave, and William Etheridge.
Nick Cave made some very amazing costumes out of thrift store finds and ingenuity. As a former dancer with Alvin Alley,

he wanted to make wearable art with a lot of motion.Two sculptural pieces were done with white buttons, sewn or twisted into wire armature. One was made of gloves with the fingers embroidered on, another of children's toys, another was made of rugs. Some were beaded. Fantastical, carnivalistic: masked with buttons, beads, fur, and even with tables and mobile carts and planters turned upside down and used as structural elements.
The other artist had made a time machine that throughout repetitious movement and animations and film took you through the event horizon. Hypnotic, repetitious, traumatic, it was both mesmerizing and yet it was hard to sit through the whole sequence.
There was also a white room of melded, molded and cast glasswork, accompanied by disturbing animation of animals and stick people and the sounds of glass tinkling and chiming. The most appropriate was the animated bull in the china shop, decomposing as he trampled the glassware. Again with the strange affect of something lovely combined with something disturbing.