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Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Crazy and a Lot of Excuses

Today is the day for a Blog Hop for which I am singularly unprepared. But knowing how annoying it is to come to the website  of a participant in the Blogshop who has not bothered to post anything at all, I feel I must offer both a Apology to the other Participants and something of san explanation for my dereliction of duty.
I am moving. Not only am I moving, my cat is moving with me and we are moving to Tucson Arizona, a town which is a leaders dream destination, filled with lots of crafty older women such as I come to escape the winters and to hopefully be in a more creative state of mind. I have been singularly lacking in creativity lately.
Instead my mind is filled with packing lists, lists of things I will need, considerations of the best way to move my cat. Will he fit under a seat in front of me? Probably but Tucson is not a one stop flight from Boston, which makes it harder to plan.
I have done a crazy thing and bought a house(condo, really) that I have never seen. Have I made the most expensive mistake of my life. I will find out. Anyway, if anyone is in Tucson Arizona this year , give me a call and we can get together and bead.But message me for my phone #, I don't want to put it up for public use