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Thursday, May 8, 2014


It's counting down to the BIG BEAD SOUP BLOG HOP this Saturday May 10. I'm so excited because People will look at my blog! I've made my jewelry and then I made more jewelry. I even got my lovely
geometric bracelets
neice Lenka to model them for me. I've been learning how to use my I-phone camera. And! I will remove the awful postsI put up earlier, where my camera sabotaged me badly, gone. Sent to oblivion.
My partner, the mysterious Rose Thorn has not given me any hints as to what she's made. So it will be as much a surprise to me as to you. I intend to check out everyone of those five hundred blogs. I fully expect to see some amazing creative designs. Here I come!

RoseThorn's blog:

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Thiss is a great post thanks