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Friday, January 15, 2016


Today I will speak of anticipation and a non-beady subject, ARISIA, a four day long science fiction convention, with whimsy! As generational SF fans we are going to introduce the youngest member of the Lightsey clan, Owyn, age six, to the joys of fandom and the thrill of staying three nights in a big hotel, eating out, staying up late and Hopefully, meeting other young people who also play Minecraft obsessively. There are five  Dances and a Masquerade, not to mention Hall Costumes, and my significant other wonders;

Yoshi Eggs
"why I am only taking one, repeat, ONE bag?".  How often do we get a chance to dress up nowadays?  Check back for pictures of me and Owyn in costume and maybe I'll even post some wonderful pictures of the amazing costumes I see. In the meantime I leave you with pictures of some of those things dear to Owyn's heart:

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