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Saturday, March 19, 2016

In which similar beads are sent to different people

When I originally signed up for Bead Peeps Swap and Hop I was quite pleased to be matched with Blanchy Medina. From both New York City and Peru, she promised to be a superb swap partner( she works at Micheal's) However, due to health problems she had to bow out.
Catherine as her cat Callie
 Thats when my Angel, Catherine King stepped up.  Linda introduced us and left us to get at it. While we have completely different styles of beading, I find much to admire in her; the confidence she has, her ability to tackle any  bead weaving project; her color choices, so accomplished yet so very different from my own; the way she fits her animals and children into her busy life; having a job; participating in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and her interest in historic costuming, plus actually finishing her ambitious projects.And, dear to my own heart as well, the love of fantasy. 
  Each time I join a swap and blog hop, I hope for a challenge beyond the ordinary, and the chance to learn something new. and so far, that hasn't really happened. Perhaps I'm expecting too much from a little package of beads. Yet this time I think I will learn and be challenged. I have already learned about Operation Tackle That Bead Stash,  and did that Facebook group  instantly call my name . And  my wonderful Bead Swap box is fulfilling this, coming with Stiff Stuff and rivolis, as well as gold seed beads, a wicked good piece of jasper and ivory jasper beads to match, as well as a book of romantic designs by Lisa Kan, non of which I've ever tried. So far I feel extremely challenged. Perhaps too challenged! Will I be able to do this? Return for the reveal: May 15, 2016
The Morrigan, Catherine's Battle of the Beadsmith entry, in progress 
What I sent Catherine, crystals and jasper and seed beads

What Catherine sent me, my little package of beads,crystal and jasper and seed beads

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