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Sunday, January 26, 2014

getting it wrong to get it right

Here I am feeling like an idiot. I can't find my blog. Finally I find it in history. Why doesn't it come right up when I access google + I find a post from someone else  who isn't happy with Blogger.  I try to link it. No such luck. What is the propriety of reposting someone elses post, anyway. So much to learn, so much to get wrong.
This reminds me of my biggest character flaw, the propensity to do things wrong. If I do something new, chances are very good i will do it wrong. This makes beading very hard for me, because of the regularity of the patterns , the mistakes show up and multiply especially if you don't correct them. Then, I find myself correcting a mistake only to repeat it a little further down the way.
Beading is teaching me mindfulness in a big  way

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