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Sunday, January 26, 2014

making new making do

new winter bead

christmas winter bead
two winter beads

Its 6 months now and I've never used Thread Heaven. Was it stubbornness or ignorance. I finally bought a little square box of the rubbery wax and smoothed down a tangled size 0 thread. Yes, little? thin threads too. I've tried to work with size 15 beads before, only, again and again, to have the beads refuse to fit on the thread. So  thats 2 new things in one day. As for what I made, it looks like half a bead canoe. I hated the color scheme and tied the edges rather than the middle so it assumed this half canoe rather than the flower shape it was supposed to be. Working on I made two winter beads working with a schema from Marcia DeCoster called Bellisimo Beads. Its the first piece of right angle weave I've done that came out right and it changes looks when you use different beads.
Then I changed the name of the blog from "never quite right" to "needles and pins" I am also windw shopping clasps in preparation for joining the blog hop that is resposible for calving this blog. Allthis and its only 2:30, theres lots of time to try something new.
winter bead on dowel

little boat bead

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