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Monday, March 17, 2014

Here she comes, my Rose with her thorns

Neither Rose or myself are inspired bloggers nor are we the most experienced bearers. Rose tend toward simple classic designs. She has severe carpel tunnel and cannot use the size 11 beads that I love. I am also not so big on the creative end. While we both adore our cats we don’t allow them creative leeway in our beading life either. My cat SQEEK is always anxious to rearrange my crafting table to his liking and any bead that falls on the floor is suddenly a new cat toy. Rose’s cat also interferes with her beading activities.As for my work I say I am still learning, its only been been 7 months since I’ve started beading. I can do some of the simpler designs in Geometric Beading by Kate McKinnon and am working on learning bead embroidery by way of the Bead Journal Project. I have made a few necklaces and I’m hoping that this blog hop will  magically give me the ability to make inspired designs.  Actually, I’ll be happy to come up with any designs at all.

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