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Saturday, March 29, 2014


                                                                                                                                                                  OH, to write of New York in the spring. It was cold when April and I took Go-bus from Alewife station to Pennsylvania station . Why? To go to a beads how. To go to NYC. To do something different and exciting.
How exciting was New York?. It was certainly fast. I, a fast walker in Cambridge, was a slow walker in NYC and it wasn't only that I spent time gawking. I had bad culture shock that first evening, the hustle! The people! So many of them!
   We went to Bunch for dinner. It was a Korean steamed bun place. Korean steamed buns are just weird. We started eating hungrily and as we ate we found ourself liking them less and less until we couldn't finish them and threw them away.
    Next morning we got coffee at the Blue Ele. Sat in our rooms until we got the courage to go out.We hit the bead stores. I got a listing from Yelp. The bead stores in New York are just too good. I spent way too much on seed beads. We went here and there and bought this and that as it struck our fancy. We had no coherent strategy. Oh, to live in New York and be able to buy things when you need them.
    Later we went to the bead show. We bought buttons at Pernilla's Beads, coral and pearls from Chinese venders, electrocuted leaves from one man and metal bead strands from quite a few others.
When we got back to our hotel we took our hoard and put everything on the bed and admired it and divided it up.
    We spent most of our money on beads. We ate street food and spent little on food, as much of that on coffees as food.
    Monday I went off by myself to have the ever exciting cosmetic procedures. I got botox on my forehead and  ultherapy on my chin. I had a great time by myself. April went back to the bead stores to get things she thought she wanted. When I returned I set out again to find a kosher restaurant so I could get my boyfriend a corned beef sandwich. April got cranky and said there were deli's in Brookline. Time to go home. We went to the mysterious location the bus company had provided us with, joined other confused people who had had enough of the city. Finally the bus appeared, we all got on and were whisked back to Cambridge. Luckily there was a cab stand at Alewife because it was a long day.

myself enjoying coffee on 5th Ave


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