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Friday, July 11, 2014

Mom in Hospital , All's not Well with the World

WELL, well, well.
 Mom is in the hospital and I've joined another blog hop. My mother is in the hospital ,confused and miserable. They want to give her electro-shock treatment. They want to see if she will agree to it. I can't imagine it being good for her in any way. She already feels really bad all the time. She is too fragile to go through the number of shock treatments that will be needed.  I was warned by the author of the book"Knocking on Heaven's Door" ; Katy Butler.  Doctors are in the life business while my mother and I are working on getting a death going.  In the meantime my mother holds on to me with all her strength and I feel like she is trying to clamber up me to escape her death, pushing me to the ground, inadvertently, of course, but that is the effect. She is so desperate, and for what, even she doesn't know?
The one bright spot in my life is this blog hop. I am too wasted to do anything else. I will have three days respite and then its back to caring for my mother.

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