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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Day

picture of coming bead soup
Today is my big day. I'm busy learning to do freeform beading, supposedly peyote, but I'm doing brick stitch right now. Everyone is posting pictures of the bead soup they received. Mine hasn't come yet. Sent Rose Thorn one last fling of raku lampworked beads AND I learned a new way to spend my money! Yes, I joined Artists Leftover Destash group and they have yummy things for reasonable prices. I can't wait till I get the Victorian morning beads, I've coveted them for years.

MY soup hasn't come yet but I've got a teaser photograph. One big cabochon with coordinated beads, Now to learn to bezel a  cabochon. I'm standing outside my comfort zone right now and it's cold out!
victorian jet