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Saturday, February 13, 2016


the elegant guide hinge drawing

I have just been brave and posted a picture of the drawing I made of the new kind of beadwork connection, a joining of two pieces of peyote fabric that I am calling the Elegant Guide Hinge because it is based on the thread path of the Elegant Guide Round from the Contemporary Geometric Beading Universe. This Hinge can bend 360 degrees and also combines two separate pieces of peyote fabric into a whole, where if you made both pieces the same color, you wouldn't be able to discern the hinge, but it would still be there!

Another discovery I've made in the Contemporary Geometric Beading universe is that you can use MRAW(modified right angle weave) to make the increases previously made with herringbone, as in the work of Diane FitzGerald and Kate McKinnon. You can use this new increase stitch in triangles and warped squares and I am now making samples with horns and wings, to see if it can be used there. So far, it works. This discovering is very exciting, although it requires a lot of thinking, and sample making. When I have more samples I will post again
a triangle with a MRAW increase

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