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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the bead doodle

                       Today I tried to do so many things and ended up making a bead doodle.


I've been doing the many two dimensional shapes from Diane Fitzgeralds book and in the process
I've gotten much better at peyote stitch. I keep getting better and yet I feel like I'm getting nowhere. This bead doodle added to my fustration.  Children start by drawing very simple things like trees and the sun so I decided to make a bead sun in winter colors, like white and the light yellows, like the weak sunlight that the sun produces in the winter. I would make a round yellow sun and surround it with simple rays made from a triangle and a strip of peyote

Diane Fitzgerald's SHAPED BEADWORK

    I also tried to join the  2014 BEAD JOURNAL PROJECT.  Haven't heard back from them yet. It might be too late to join.
What is this project?
(This "Bead Journal Project" group is for anyone who makes a commitment to create one piece per month for a year.

Each piece must have at least a few beads. Each piece should be a "visual journal" of something important to you during the month. It helps to keep the size of your pieces consistent throughout the year.

Please post pictures of your finished pieces, links to your own blog, and (if you wish) pictures of your pieces as they are in progress.)

    Since January is over I tried to do a quick seed bead project.
. And so I laboured all day to produce a bead doodle.
     Another day full of snow. Unfortunately it's filmed with exhaustion. I am falling asleep at the strangest times, like right after I get up in the morning and after I drink a hot coffee at the Biscuit. I fall asleep on the bus, I even fall asleep standing up and these things are starting to worry me enough to consider getting a sleep study done .
    Let me say bit about the! Biscuit!, just the best coffeeshop ever, with super-smooth coffee and enormous biscotti and muffins and scones and baked goods unique to the Biscuit,as well as salads and sndwiches , friendly servers who know right away what you want (is it telepathy?) and an eclectic mix of chairs and tables to sit on, free wi-fi of course, at Savory_square and inside it's always bakery warm and smells like sugar and cinnamon.
    It's snowing here in Cambridge, first with a
the bead doodle goes forward
light powdery snow that didn't hinder our morning jaunt but by an afternoon excursion to the supermarket in Mark's Suburu, we were able to appreciated  the four wheeled drive as he skidded around corners without stopping. Mark is a big dude and he needed a poncho so he could go shoveling driveways in the sleet and snow. In the meantime I got my driveway shoveled by the many trips of the Suburu which climbed up the snowbanks and evened the snow all out.

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