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Saturday, February 8, 2014

cooking away

I'm so happy. When I pre-ordered my copies of Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon I got access to a digital copy. Guess what  I have to do now. Make more geometric shapes for practice. So all my hard work with Diane FitzGerald's book is paying off and I am happily making more triangles. I'm also working on a little piece of beadwork using techniques from the book that I've picked up so faar without reading the book, just an experiment to see what turns out. Tommorrow is the big blog hop sign up and I think I've narrowed down my focal piece to one of two peices of work on /ebay, both unique, instead of something from Etsy. I saw many good things on Etsy but these two pendants appealled to me first and last. For a clasp I will probably use a sterling silver button I found at Artbeads. I've been looking at clasps on Etsy and while there were a lot of re-purposed ones I'm not sure how well they would work on a new necklace.
    My blog just disapeared in the midst of frenzied typing. I doubt I can summon back the enthusiasm I had  for the old Universal grinder we found in the pantry. But what a lovely machine. Unfortunately it's missing crucial parts. I'm not sure if we should buy a new(vintage ha!) one or if we will ever make
universal grinder

antique chopper with bowl

road sign to everywhere
enough corned -beef hash to justify the new one. I also have an old two bladed chopper my mother-in -law gave me. She had me make the gefilte fish from scratch so I could qualify as a proper Jewish daughter-in-law, even though I'm not Jewish. My son ended up grating the corned beef which did produce a diner quality hash.
     Lately I've been thinking more about food and cooking it. For a long time I did'nt want to cook at all. Occasionally the passion to cook something will overwhelm me and I will find myself making some elaborate concoction. Right now I'm reading about Rome. The main character is always cooking spaghetti carbonara. I can make a mean spaghetti carbonara.(Its much easier than it looks.)
the finished corn beef hash

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