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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So very very bad and so very good


diamond bead

pile of components waiting to become bracelet
I'm sitting here, beading, of course and I'm not happy with the beads I'm using. They are cheap beads
and they are different sizes and very uneven. I bought these beads because I read that Czeck were the best beads. I think there might be different grades of check beads. The colors are fine. Something must account for the unevenness of my beads, some mysterious factor I will discover in time. In the meantime I think the best piece of advice I can give someone who has just started beading;  use Toho beads,  they are the best.
I've been making the two dimensional shapes in orange and blue so I can give some jewelry to a freind. She wanted the orange and blue combination so I've been working with it. I discovered I really don't like the color orange with the blue.
Later; What an amazing day it's turned out to be. I was sitting and beading, feeling disgruntled about my not so perfect beads.I checked some other hanks of check beads and they seem more regular, maybe I just got a bad package of beads. BAD Beads!, being unsatisfied and I thought, if I put a bead here and here and bead off these beads I  could make three dimensional; peyote, kind of like three dimensional right angle weave. I tried it.... and it worked. Glorious. The picture is below. Its hard to see but the little piece has wings
my firset three dimensional peyote bit

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