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Saturday, February 15, 2014

sign of chaos

Thumbnail for version as of 16:06, 16 January 2012
the sign of chaos from wikipedia
    The bead -doodle is becoming more a mental object than a physical object. My skill does not equal my desire to create. The simple childlike sun has morphed into the signpost to everywhere. I remember how  the sign of chaos is portrayed as a circle with eight arrows coming out signifying chaos' infinate  creative possibilities. I  think if I am very careful and use the sun in the bead doodle as a guide I can make a beady chaos sign. Will that be my project for February. There is a lot of room for this to morph. Thursday I work on my chaos sign. I spend a lot of time measuring and counting only to realize with a three bead start a simple count of three will produce  eight rays.
not quite a chaos sign

Above is my first attempt at a chaos sign.My bead-doodle has lovely yellow rays but I wasn't making it for rays. The red circle didn't come out even as well as the bead-doodle did.
the road sign to everywhere

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