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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

on my mind

wham on my mind, so beautiful and its just beads
    I have a really annoying component to my personality that comes out when I am trying to make a good impression on a group of people. Today it came out in Bead Journal Project when I posted a lovely picture of beads. Just beads in a pile and it had a raw natural beaty that went WHAM on my mind. So I instantly posted it to Bead Journal Project and then thought. "That wasn't right. I probably should have posted it to my blog."  Sure enough, I got the reprimand I expected and a suggestion to start a photo journal. Well I tried and promptly posted three pictures I had already posted before, so instead of making something private, I flooded the feed.
   Save me from myself. I have already alienated three groups of people. Don't let me alienate more.I'm so delighted with these people because personalities are second to the work done. Not that work wasn't important with all those groups, because they all had some purpose. Perhaps it's that this time around I am doing the work, for love of it and I am interested in other people's work and in their techniques too.
    There's good news too. Lori Anderson has announced the first round of partners, it was the seed beaders and I didn't get chosen in that group. That means I'm in the regular group, which is that much more challenging for me.  Lucky I got some new clasps and pendants. I'm going to need them.

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