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Monday, February 24, 2014


Over the course of two weeks I have made a half dozen bracelets on patterns from Kate McKinnons "Geomatric Beadwork" These are amazing bracelets, truly great bracelets, each one different and unique and I can hardly believe it but I;m getting better. What seemed daunting at first is now doable. I proceeded from the  Tri-ring to various geometric bangles to a tiny-horn band and now I'm ready to try a horned melon. A week ago I couldn't even understand the structure of a horned melon!
    Kate has done a really good job of leading me along the beading path with steps that are ambitious and rewarding and I end up with bracelets so dazzling I can hardly believe I am making them. I did some changing of the instructions to make it easier for me to learn, for example I used size 10 instead of size 11 beads so I could follow and understand the structure, but it doesn't matter, because each size bead produces a stunning bracelet. Now I have done the culmination of this round of learning to bead. I produced a bracelet with no mistakes!
nothings wrong with my bracelets
its my picture taking thats bad!

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