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Saturday, February 15, 2014

oh happy day

     Finally. I have accomplished one of the goals I set myself when I started teaching myself beading. I have made a geometric  bangle after the style of Geometric Beadwork. Its not perfect, its got mistakes, inside and out, but it is finished and it looks surprisingly good and it cand be worn!
    Technical details; for my first piece I used size 8 beads in translucent white; black, and turquoise with red triangle beads for the increases. If it had a name it would be;   Angels and Devils both have wings.
   I'm not the only person who names my beadwork.  So may pieces in the  Bead Journal Project have names. Occasionally the piece speaks its' name.  Other times, ass I bead the name comes, word by word, as the piece grows, bead by bead.
 Other people name their beadwork and sometimes the name is more elaborate, and even better than the work itself. A lot of work goes into a piece of  beadwork and it becomes very personal. As I did this piece , I would think of a woman I know and her trouble with men: she is abused very badly by them, yet still she seeks their comfort, and support, false promises in her case) She is afraid to be alone and be strong just for herself.I thought about how I was different from her and then wondered if I really was so different.

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