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Thursday, February 13, 2014

the fox spirit

    I'm trying to make a triangle dimensional. I'm also working with delicas; small precise beads that are made by Miyuke of Japan. I bought out quantities of them on Ebay and then, as with the corned beef in my last post, I was too scared to use them. They are so small. I am right on the edge of my range of sight. Thank Goodness for reading glasses. Now I have to learn to use them if I want to build the kind precise pieces I see in the book( Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon). There are so many illustrations of the finished work produced by all the different people from all over the world. These delicas seem to be one of the keys to producing this kind of work. They fit together so precisely.
    Now I need to try making a triangle with a 6 bead start but instead I am trying to enlarge my triangle into a Puff.
    Last night I had an important dream. I dreamed I was at a convention and I took a beading workshop. The workshop was taught by a woman, an experienced beader who was referred to by her last name. She say us down and handed out little pictures of a profiled face, as in a cameo. We were to copy this face onto a paper and use it as a base for our bead embroidery. I coped the face and started adding all these swirls and scrolls beneath it. When she asked me what I was thinking of as I drew, I replied Knossos.  This surprised me. I was intending to use red for my color but she said Knossos reminded her of sea blue and I should cut the design into strips and use it for a necklace.. I had no beads with me, so I hitched a ride to the local beadshop, where I searched for blue beads but could find very little in that color. I think this is a significant dream. I remember it so clearly, but the meaning is not obvious yet. I am getting advice from someone, gratis. Do I make the necklace? That is so obvious. Do I search for better beads? Yesterday I also googled a website that had marked down Miyuki and delicas at amazing prices. Its not an obvious site and I came across it by googling Fox Spirit, because I am trying to make a fox spirit bracelet. Did the fox spirit lead me to this remarkable site?
    Yesterday I went to Jewelry class and with the help of my teacher April, I turned the fox triangles into a lovely necklace.

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